Zippers,Embellishments and Editing…

Lidia here!

We have had a busy week in the Quore Studio. While time has moved quickly, so have we.  We have all our patterns and muslin’s in progress. We have confirmed our photographers and models lined up for our look book and runways show and we have several logo prototypes to consider.

Quore’s master textile designer (and co-designer), Wendy has started her felting samples. We got our fabulous and luxurious wool fiber from Mohair and More fiber supply shop which is located in New Waverly, Texas where they raise registered white angora goats, providing high quality and beautiful mohair fiber.

(This is the website that links to the store where we got our fantastic wool Highly recommended! It is shop that where you can find good quality and cheap wool fiber. )


Wool fiber is felted on the surface of the foam. Playing with contrasting color, magenta and peacock wool roving are felted into a free shape as if the infectious skin caused by bacteria on the human body.


The side of the felting wool that has fuzzy effect would be used as the front. The fuzzy effect creates a sense of fur. Small dark magenta color beads are added on the surface to bring some details to the piece and enhance the idea of bacterial infection.


” I was thinking how to make our embellishment look more interesting but doesn’t look too crafty. It is a long process. Each piece took  around 1 hour to finish. So far I am satisfied with the first outcome since they look like infectious skin for me. For the next design, I will add more interesting elements and play with different color combination.” Wendy said.

One of our favorite moments this week was our search for the ‘perfect zipper’ and leather piece.  Wendy and I found ourselves contemplating over the zipper we would use for one of our garments. Quore prides itself in using only the best possible materials, and we take that seriously through out all aspect of design. The perfect zipper must easily zip up. It must the teeth as much as possible and it must mute ‘zipping’ noise as much as possible. Image our surprise when we found it! After deliberating at Joanna’s for a good 30 minutes, Wendy and I came to the conclusion that the zipper we found met our extensive criteria. Horray!

Secondly, we have been in a constant search for the leather piece that would detail a few of our garments. We are very particular people, who love the look of leather but are also concerned about its impact environmental and ethical impact. While pleather was a viable option, it can quickly look cheap. When we came across a faux distressed suede we became immediately excited! Especially because it was so inexpensive. We were concerned with its immediate excitement because we worried it was simply because of its price and our distress for the search. How ever, we decided we should get a second opionin.

After advice from a few important voices, we decided while these ‘perfect’ finds were in fact great, the zipper and faux suede piece take away from our original inspiration, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. So, we scraped it. Yes. After what was cumulatively hours of searching, we decided to forget it. But that is the production process, I guess. Edit, edit, edit.

Regardless, our look book shoot is set for May 11th, so we have only a few weeks to finish production, these tough decisions must be made. And we are sure it wont be the last of them.

Thanks for tuning in!


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